About Us

Owning a restaurant has been a dream of Telie’s ever since his very first job working at McDonald’s at 16yrs old. Zahra always dabbled in the food industry and envisioned she would open a food spot with her family in her golden years.


Telie and Zahra met and joined forces. In September of 2017, Telie decided to move to the beautiful Virgin Islands to pursue his dreams. Zahra found a cool little 200 sq. ft. shack close to the beach, small yet perfect to sell great food to tourists and locals. Then Hurricane Irma happened.


The island was devastated and so was our little food shack. A week went past, and as we begin recovery efforts, we got the news that a 2nd more vicious storm was on its way. Family and friends persuaded Telie to move back to the states, but the airport was trashed. The closest airport was in Puerto Rico, so Telie along with 30 other individuals seeking refuge, took a boat to PR. Zahra decided to stay with her family in the Virgin Islands, and weathered the second storm, Maria.


Once Telie arrived in PR, the island was on high alert, news of Hurricane Maria was striking fear in the hearts of the locals. Telie’s next mission was to get off this island before Maria hits. He got one of the last flights out before the airport shut down.


With the dream still on our minds, Telie began searching for a restaurant space and found it his 3rd day in the city. Zahra took that leap of faith and moved to St. Louis. It was a wild experience, but it shows how determination, passion, faith, and love can bring you through. We made it through the storms (literally). God had different plans for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. JERK SOUL is open for business! A fusion of the owners brought to life.


We hope to see you soon. Our food is made with a lot of passion and spice.